Athong Applying for Membership

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Athong Applying for Membership

Post by Volgate » Tue Feb 14, 2006 5:39 am

Hey my character is Athong and I would like to formally join. Nice to be with you guys. I am a veteran player. I play a restore specced shaman and have a 25 priest alt named Squirrelcult. I would like to join in order to be able to do raid content in WoW with a stable and smart guild. I also play EVE online if anyone else does. Give me a shout if you do. Well.... nice to be here.

Edit: I was added to the Reunion guild on Nathrezim by Zeems this evening. (2/13/06)
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Athong- 60 shaman
Squirrelcult- 26 priest

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