Application: 56 Orc Hunter

Want to join Reunion? Post here.
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Application: 56 Orc Hunter

Post by rubberboots » Thu Oct 12, 2006 8:07 pm

Hey guys,

Guess ill start with the basics:

56 Orc Hunter

Also have a 60 Tauren Warrior (named Drunk whom i dont play anymore. Also he was in The Legion of Doomhammer but it sorta fell apart after my vacation hehe. We had just started ZG then and downed 2 bosses, so thats the only Raid Experience i have other then the usual UBRS, LBRS, Strat, Scholo, etc.)

Im rested to about lvl 58 or so therefore it shouldnt be long until im 60. Im 2000/21000 reverred with AV so as you can see, i love to PvP now. I didn't PvP much with my warrior but i've grown to enjoy it alot. Thats what caught my eye about Reunion. Noticed you had about 25+ All ranked in top Percentile of the server for PvP. I also understand that you can be picky and choosy for whoever you want to join the guild and probably only recruit 60's. But i thought what the heck! might as well try. I'm quite easy going and easy to get along with. I feel i have skill to bring to the table and can help any group im with. I don't want to jump right into Raiding either since i dont have the experience but i am a fast learner and a good listener (on Vent, Teamspeak, whatever). I'm looking for a guild thats more "family" like then "24/7 serious" like. WoW is all about having fun, meeting new people and making friends right? Well thats the way i see things anyway...

So that pretty much sums it up i guess. Can't say i've partied with any members from Reunion but i see you's around everywhere. Would love to be a part of your guild!!

56 Orc Hunter

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Post by Iduna » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:55 pm

Hmm, I can't tell if this is a joke post or serious, but there hasn't been anyone with the Reunion tag for probably a year now. Doubt you've seen us running around, except under different guild tags :P

We may reform though for BC.
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Post by Bhodisatva » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:01 pm

Yup, sorry to say you're about a year too late. Otherwise you sound like a strong app. I'm sure you'll find a guild that suits you.

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