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Post by Gorolith » Tue May 29, 2007 5:45 pm

First of all, I wanna appologies for my poor english (writing), english is my third language and I try to improve everyday that I make a post or talk in-game.

Note: By guild I meant Kinship in the whole text

Hey there,

I'm currently looking to join a good kinship. By good, I mean a kinship that will try to do all the endgame content and that will most probably do some PvP (or MvP) nights (casual prefered). RP or none RP guild, I don't care I just want to get in a guild where everyone is friendly and that will help you to understand the game.

Yes I am new to LOTRO, I haven't played beta or anything and I only bought the game 3days ago... but I played: UO, DAOC, EVE, LINAGE, WoW, PLNSIDE, SW:G, EQ1&2... so that makes me an experienced mmo guy. So far, I like the game and all... I setuped a good economie and now I'm off to questing and all (Currently level 14 (Dwarf Champion)). If you are looking for a good casual player, I might be your man.

I have ventrilo and I also have a 50 slots server (which is pretty useless cause this game offer a good voice to voice program... but im mentioning it in case you would want to use that instead of this program)

So here is my "general" application, so feel free to ask anything in private or on this forum:
(note that I am looking for a well established kinship with a webpage, forum and all setuped)

1) Character name, level, class, race, server
Name: Gorolith
Level: 14
Class: Champion
Race: Dwarf
Server: Meneldor

2) What are your current and past guilds? Did you have any responsibilities in those guilds? Why did you leave/join those guilds. - I'm still in Abananax (World of Warcraft)
- I have no responsability, beside bugging the leader with new tactics and strategies to kill bosses faster =D
- I still haven't definatly left them... I'm just UBERLY bored with WoW right now, I feel like it's always the same world that I have been playing for several years now and I need something new. I joinned Abananax cause they were a well established guild and that they were rocking. Everyone is frienly and it rocks to play with such players...

3) What raiding experiance do you have?
Well I have raided in pretty much every games I have played... I always have been a pretty good player and I normaly know my job and masterise it. When I join a guild, it is for pretty much till I leave to game or till I find that they are a bunch of jerks... than I leave to find a better group of ppl to hang with. It also happened that I left some guilds not cause they were not friendly or anything, just that they were not progessing fast enough... ppl were just joking around, never bringning pots and this kind of behavior was accepted within the guild. I mean, when I do something, game or not... I always try to do my best and that is what I expect from my guild.

4) How do you percieve your classes role in endgame raiding?
Well so far, I can see the champion doing alot of damage, while being able to mitigate alot. I can see the champion becoming the all around class, (subtank, subdps) or just a straight dps. I have to tell you that I have only been playing the game for several hours so I won't be able to say if it is the case.

5) What are your usual playing hours? (all in eastern time)
Sunday: 20:00 to 0:00 (+ 1hr on my lunch time)
Monday: 20:00 to 0:00 (+ 1hr on my lunch time)
Thuesday: 20:00 to 0:00 (+ 1hr on my lunch time)
Wenesday: 20:00 to 0:00 (+ 1hr on my lunch time)
Thursday: 20:00 to 0:00 (+ 1hr on my lunch time)
Friday: Normaly OFF
Saturday: Normaly OFF

Make that 20~25hrs of gaming per week.

6) What kind of internet connection and computer do you have? Do you have any ISP/FPS issues? Do you have a microphone and headphones and do you use them?
I have a cable connection and I rarely disconnect (make that once a month for 2min). I also have a microphone and headphones which I also use eventho I have some foreign accent.

7) Do you have any important alts? Tell us about yourself, how old are you, where do you work/go to school, what other games have you played or hobbies do you have.
Alts... no, not really I have several lvl10 cause I wanted to find a class that I liked but since I found it..... I will mostlikely never change it... unless that its just to have fun.
I'm 25years old, I work in an hydraulics shop where we sell "Parker" trademark products. I enjoy myself there and I'm well payed for what I do. I've played alot of mmo's (listed above) and enjoyed myself in there. Before I was a competitive player for Counter-Strike (did cal-p) and I was also a top Wacraft 3 player (Experimental Order team?) been in a good StarCraft team, tho I was not even near top players, I was kinda hard to defeat! I gave alot of good challenges.

8) List any references you may have
I don't have much references, since I am pretty new to the game, but I could give you other mmo's references.

9) Contact info: alts, msn/aim/etc
msn: Serkj@hotmail.com
e-mail: Serkj@hotmail.com

10) Add anything else you believe appropriate to an application here.
As stated before, I'm here cause I am totaly bored of WoW... I wanna make LOTRO my main game as of today, but I really need a good gang to have fun with. I prefer being with pro ppl so I don't get frustrated cause of the suckiness and thats about it.. My girldfriend (which I live with now...) will probably join me in about 3-4 weeks... I would like her to join my kinship as a casual player. She will have alot to learn about mmo's cause it will be definatly her 1st mmo... so if you don't have any casual rank or don't want to have couples in your kinship...

Thanks for your time!

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Post by Mr.Muggles » Tue May 29, 2007 5:52 pm

Hey Gor,

Just shoot Jaylenn, Lamar, Helga, Warduke, Sleepspinner a tell in game and we can get you invited into the guild.

Loved your application look forward to having you on board!

P.S. That offer to use a vent server is great ours just got turned off and we have been slumming in Teamspeak!

PPS dont worry about your english most of us can't even speak our native languages well!

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Post by Gorolith » Tue May 29, 2007 6:09 pm

Jaylenn wrote:P.S. That offer to use a vent server is great ours just got turned off and we have been slumming in Teamspeak!
Yep sure no problem!

I don't have the ip/port cause I'm currently working (yah right...)... have nutting to do at work right now... tryed to get my afternoon off so I could level, but couldn't so... I just surf the web to get more infos about LOTRO.

Anyways I'll contact you tonight in-game around 8:30 (have to get my GF 1st tonight) and we will set the thing up... after I ask a couple questions about the guild! =D

Thanks again


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