lotro application

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lotro application

Post by Tempest » Mon Aug 06, 2007 9:38 pm

Name - Arethelas
Class - Hunter
Level - 50
Race - Elf
PVP Rank: 5
Server - Meneldor

GM Prospector
Working on last tier mastery for GM jeweller
I forget what lvl cook I am, not high though

Why Reunion:
People seem to be friendly, and relatively laid back. Umm don't really know of you guys well enough for a reference, hmm maybe astaldo or jaylenn? Usually see you guys alot in the moors =P.

I've played wow, but it was on official so lotro can be considered my first.

About Me:
I'm 17, about to start my last year in high school; hopefully I'll be able to get into UF or UM ^_^.

Well thats about it, btw thanks kradoc for application format =)

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