LOTRO Application: Malaphor

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LOTRO Application: Malaphor

Post by Malaphor » Tue Aug 21, 2007 1:13 am

Class: Hunter
Level: 50
Profession: GM tailor
Playtime: Will be logged on atleast every other day and love to play for hours.

The reason i am applying for Reunion is because i have been on a journey to find a great kinship with active players. I have had bad luck in the past ive been in 3 kinships so far and the first was in closed beta and just wanted to chat about drugs, the second was a good kin with good plans for the future but fell apart with retired players, Finally the third is a good kin but dosent have anyone to help with cd,bg,or form any help to hunt rare creatures ex.colnor. I am a causal player who loves to help out when i can and enjoy the game! I also love team work, if i can recruit within a kin to do a quest then that is awesome compared to result to outsiders when you never know what you can get.I have talked to athelas (?spelling) about your kin and they said it should fit my needs.

About real me: I have little experince with MMO's like playing Final Fantasy, Matrix online, and this game, but i am smart and know what i am doing in these games. I am 23yrs old and work at a factory making bottle caps for some of the famous foods and liqour. So if you have any other questions just send me a tell.

Can't wait to here from you!

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Re: LOTRO Application: Malaphor

Post by Niwre » Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:30 pm

welcome byob!

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