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LOTRO Application

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:49 pm
by Mithrandeer
Hi, i am interested in joining your LOTRO kinship. My kinship recently seperated, and im looking for an active, higher lvl kin for me to join. I have played WoW, and Lineage 2 in the past and i have some very good experience with mmoRPGs. My character in the game is Mithrandeer, a man guardian who is currently lvl 40, and i am also a master prospector and am very close to expert mastery. I play a good amount of time, and im always happy to help out other members of a guild. The person who referred me to you is Meric, whom i was referred to by another player named Peach, if you know her. I have heard some great things about reunion, and i hope to be able to join and have some fun.