Damifem Reunion guild apllication

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Damifem Reunion guild apllication

Post by Damifem » Mon May 13, 2002 1:05 pm

Hello, I have left Convicted killers and currently looking to join a new guild.I have enjoyed rvr'ing with Reunion the past couple weeks and would like to formally ask to be a part of reunion. Damifem=48.7 spear hero 220k+ rps and i have been generating around 50k to 70k a week.Thank u for your time reveiwing this app. i would be greatly honor'ed to be a part of reunion and glad to participate in the maiming of albs and mids :) on a full time baisis.
almost 11yrs in mmo's i dont remeber them all , but most were named tenebrous

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Post by Wutangz » Mon May 13, 2002 6:27 pm

Hey bro, I will look around for you, I have seen some mids/albs dropped by you out there. Best of luck on getting in =).

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Post by Rakuz » Mon May 13, 2002 8:43 pm

Damifem and Chief are good peeps...would like to see both of them in Reunion. :)

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Thanks guy i appriciate the welcome

Post by Damifem » Tue May 14, 2002 3:16 am

Whoot glad to be reunion

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Post by Damifem » Tue May 22, 2007 10:27 pm

i found my app. i was in only like 5 yrs ago thats kinda weak .
my brother /Cheif hasnt played any mmorpg in a couple years .

i saw this post it made me think of when me and him used to play with u guys so much .

i always enjoyed it and i will always check back here from time to time .

sorry i missed the message about the beta .

what game ? open public beta? did yall get in?

enjoy yourselves

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Post by donlep » Wed May 23, 2007 9:36 am

hey dami long time no see :D
were trying to get into WAR beta
but have had no luck sofar
its release have been pushed back to 2008 though so who knows we might still get lucky
in the meantime some are playing lotro some still playing wow
some waiting for potbs beta some waiting for conan
but most of us just scratching our balls while waiting for the next fun game :twisted:
WAR eubeta tester
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donlep 40/35 zealot
meatvaporizer 21/19 sorc
talsalmule 15/13 chosen

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